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Technology - Today’s News

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Technology - Yesterday’s News

This is how you can undo that embarrassing email you sent*

*provided you do some advance preparation.

This is what you learn when you attend the world’s biggest mobile conference

There’s a lot of space to cover when you’re wandering around Mobile World Congress, but some things stand out more than others on a busy first day.

Looks like Facebook and Google are open to the idea of a partnership*

*One that helps connect the world, that is.


Sony ditches the flagship (for now) to focus on creating a standout tablet*

*Also, it announced a mid-range smartphone, the M4 Aqua, to keep that business ticking along.

This new IKEA furniture will charge your phone for you*

*As long as the device is compatible with its wireless standard, that is.

These ex-Nokia heads believe they can take on Android head-first Challenge Accepted This post contains images

These ex-Nokia heads believe they can take on Android head-first

Finnish company Jolla wants its OS SailFish 2.0 to be an “independent and competitive alternative to Android.”

One of Google’s top men took time to praise one of its frenemies

Sundar Pichai, who oversaw Android’s success, took time in his keynote to praise the product of one specific company.


Technology - Sunday 1 March, 2015

Samsung has put all its rivals on the back foot with just one event

The Korean giant threw out a number of surprises at its press conference as it begins its aggressive fight for top spot.

HTC moves into VR and it has the perfect partner to help it succeed

Especially if you’re a fan of games.

This could be the first Android Wear watch you will want to buy

And it could even *whisper it* give Apple Watch a run for its money in the style department.

These features will help you get a little bit more out of YouTube

Sure it’s ten years old, but chances are there’s a few bits and pieces that may have slipped past the radar.


Is the Huawei Ascend G7 original enough to stand out from the crowd? Review This post contains images

Is the Huawei Ascend G7 original enough to stand out from the crowd?

The mid-range smartphone market is a tough one to win, but does the Huawei Ascend G7 have enough features to warrant a look?

Technology - Saturday 28 February, 2015

Stuck at a computer? Here’s how to message your friend’s phone without picking up your own IM

THE $10 BILLION CLUB: Meet the 9 most valuable startups in the world

A list of young CEOs making it big, early.

5 apps worth downloading this week

Featuring a wonderful weather app, one of the best Twitter clients for Windows Phone and a frustrating zigzag game.

Technology - Friday 27 February, 2015

This is why people were divided on the colour of *that* dress

To be fair, there have been stranger internet debates.

Twitter steps up its efforts to fix one of its biggest problems

And a verification feature could be soon on the way.

From Lotto machines are back online after ANOTHER technical glitch Glitch

Lotto machines are back online after ANOTHER technical glitch

An issue with a firewall was the cause.

Technology - Thursday 26 February, 2015

Accidentally deleted photos on your iPhone? You can recover them

It’s easy to do, they’re just hidden away.

Google has taught its AI how to beat humans at video games

Although it won’t do as well in a game of Ms. Pac Man.

YouTube has a major problem despite having a billion users

And it’s something that has been troubling it since it was bought by Google in 2006.

Watch: Ad for ‘the world’s slimmest phone’ banned for objectifying women

Authorities in the United Kingdom received several complaints about the ad.

Technology - Wednesday 25 February, 2015

How do you record something that’s happening on your phone (without a second camera)?

Because sometimes a screenshot just isn’t enough.

Reddit puts its foot down on revenge porn and stolen nude pics

Six months after the stolen photos of nude celebrities leaked, Reddit bans anyone from uploading nude photos without consent.

Rejoice! We’re getting an Irish tricolour Emoji

A ‘black Santa’ is also included in new range of racially-diverse Apple Emojis.

From British and American spies hacked company that makes Irish driving licences Every Move You Make

British and American spies hacked company that makes Irish driving licences

Edward Snowden claims the NSA and GCHQ also targeted SIM cards used by companies including Vodafone and O2.

Technology - Tuesday 24 February, 2015

Lenovo is really sorry for effectively putting malware on its PCs

Like, it’s really, really sorry.

Here’s how you can turn off location tracking on your phone

If you find the idea of geolocation a little bit creepy.

Google’s blogging site is banning anything that resembles porn

Unless it’s artistic, then it’s fine.

This smartwatch only took 30 minutes to raise €1 million on Kickstarter

It helps that it’s from the makers of one of the best smartwatches out there.

Apple Pay just got two major rivals all of a sudden

And one has been sitting on its own service since 2011.

Technology - Monday 23 February, 2015

Facebook accused of giving users a false sense of control

A report commissioned by the Belgian Privacy Commission found that the company’s privacy policy violates European law.

Sorry Irish parents: your children won’t get to see YouTube Kids

The Android app is only in the US for now, meaning you will need to find another way to entertain the kids.

Apple is building an €850 million data centre in Athenry

The €1.7 billion investment in Europe was announced by the tech giant this morning.

Samsung may be ditching the plastic for good for its next big phone

And it’s going to have a curved screen and all.

Technology - Sunday 22 February, 2015

This is the story behind *those* Gaelic Football and Hurling games – Part 2

Development constraints and lack of familiarity with hurling didn’t exactly help matters.

Weird Wide Web: Selfie proposals, a drone circus and the best looking console game EVER

All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.

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