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# financial-services - Friday 18 December, 2015

From A “cloned” company is trying to scam Irish customers Attack Of The Clones

A “cloned” company is trying to scam Irish customers

The Central Bank says the practice is becoming more widespread.

# financial-services - Thursday 25 June, 2015

Liberty Insurance is slashing 270 jobs across Ireland to deal with UK losses

The company employs over 1,000 people across the island of Ireland.

# financial-services - Tuesday 30 December, 2014

From Taxpayer ‘plugging €58 million hole’ in financial regulation cost Watchdogs

Taxpayer ‘plugging €58 million hole’ in financial regulation cost

The Department of Finance says it is looking into the issue.

# financial-services - Wednesday 17 September, 2014

Most directors think a who-you-know culture remains for getting on a company’s board

As many as 19% believe this it is mainly the case in State-owned companies.

# financial-services - Monday 18 August, 2014

From The IFSC is poised to swoop if US banks go cool on London Brexit

The IFSC is poised to swoop if US banks go cool on London

Dublin could profit – but don’t expect skyscrapers lining the quays.

# financial-services - Tuesday 20 May, 2014

EU regulator levels ‘cartel’ charge against three top banks

JPMorganChase, HSBC and Credit Agricole are all in the dock

# financial-services - Monday 12 May, 2014

Central Bank issues warning over “China Construction Bank Mexico”

The firm has been contacting members of the public, but bears no relation to the legal China Construction Bank (London) Limited.

# financial-services - Friday 7 March, 2014

From The State still puts banking needs ahead of people’s rights – FLAC Soft Touch

The State still puts banking needs ahead of people’s rights – FLAC

The Free Legal Advice Centres says boom time soft-touch regulation “persists to this day”

From Column: Irish financial consumers are bewildered, frightened and angry Credit Protection

Column: Irish financial consumers are bewildered, frightened and angry

The protection available to consumers when they take out credit is still inadequate – despite all the promises that were made after the crash, writes Noeline Blackwell.

# financial-services - Sunday 26 January, 2014

So what’s the next step for Bitcoin?

After what was an eventful year for Bitcoin, what needs to happen before it’s accepted as a legitimate currency?

# financial-services - Monday 11 November, 2013

Central Bank warns of unauthorised financial firm

The bank said it is a criminal offence for companies such as this to provide financial services that require authorisation from the bank.

# financial-services - Wednesday 2 October, 2013

From Column: Legal protection of “accountant” is an essential matter of public protection Opinion

Column: Legal protection of “accountant” is an essential matter of public protection

You don’t have to look too far to see the consequences of bad financial advice in Ireland – and yet anyone can set themselves up as an accountant, without education, qualifications or experience, writes Joe Aherne.

# financial-services - Friday 27 September, 2013

Column: Financial stress is costing us dearly – it’s time for proper education in money matters

Did you know that financial stress is costing Irish business over €2.1 billion? Financial advisor Liam Croke discusses the changing face of personal finance – and personal debt – over the past 24 years.

# financial-services - Tuesday 27 August, 2013

Former Anglo Irish Bank files for US bankruptcy

The move is being made to protect the institution’s US assets.

# financial-services - Wednesday 31 July, 2013

From Irish graduates in Australia sought for jobs back home Emigration

Irish graduates in Australia sought for jobs back home

Recruiters at Robert Walters want Irish emigrants who have gained experience in financial services.

# financial-services - Wednesday 5 December, 2012

From Finance Minister announces changes to pensions Pensions

Finance Minister announces changes to pensions

The reduced USC rate for some of those aged over 70 is to be discontinued, while tax relief on pension contributions will soon only subsidise pension schemes under €60k per annum.

# financial-services - Monday 12 November, 2012

Financial services firm announces 200 new jobs

Fidelity Investments plans to create the new jobs in Dublin and Galway.

# financial-services - Thursday 13 September, 2012

From 5pc spike in complaints to Financial Services Ombudsman Complaints

5pc spike in complaints to Financial Services Ombudsman

3,700 people lodged complaints with Bill Prasifka’s office in the first half of 2012 – a 5 per cent increase in last year.

# financial-services - Tuesday 17 July, 2012

Significant increase in mergers and acquisitions in Q2

The value of deals in Q2 of this year totalled €378 million.

# financial-services - Wednesday 16 May, 2012

From Government will not oppose FF bill regulating debt advice services Financial Services

Government will not oppose FF bill regulating debt advice services

A Fianna Fáil bill proposes to regulate the growing number of debt management advice firms.

# financial-services - Thursday 3 May, 2012

From Central Bank warns over five investment firms Central Bank

Central Bank warns over five investment firms

The five companies based abroad had been operating in Ireland without authorisation.

# financial-services - Thursday 15 March, 2012

From CAI: Consumers still getting a bad deal from financial institutions Consumers

CAI: Consumers still getting a bad deal from financial institutions

The Consumers’ Association of Ireland has said there aren’t enough financial institutions in the market competing to provide better deals for consumers.

# financial-services - Friday 27 January, 2012

NCB Stockbrokers to be sold for €32m to Investec

The company was founded by financier Dermot Desmond in 1981.

# financial-services - Thursday 12 January, 2012

How Europeans shop and pay is ‘radically changing’

With more than 700 million payment cards in use throughout the EU – and the number of smartphone owners increasing – the European Commission is seeking ways to reduce obstacles to electronic commerce.

# financial-services - Friday 16 December, 2011

Ireland falls four places in Financial Development index

Ireland is now in 22nd place on the World Economic Forum’s index on financial development, while Hong Kong takes first place.

# financial-services - Saturday 10 December, 2011

Financial transactions tax would be bad for Ireland – FF

Fianna Fáil’s finance spokesperson has warned that jobs could be at risk if Ireland had to adopt the tax while Britain opts out.

# financial-services - Tuesday 25 October, 2011

300 new jobs at Dublin hedge fund administrator

HedgeServ will add 300 jobs to its Irish workforce of 230, having already hired 150 staff over the last twelve months.

# financial-services - Friday 30 September, 2011

Financial services IT company creating 100 jobs in Tralee

JRI America, a subsidiary of a Japanese IT financial services company, will create the positions in Tralee over the next five years.

# financial-services - Tuesday 27 September, 2011

75 new jobs to be created at D&B in Sandyford

Dun & Bradstreet, a business information provider, will increase its current workforce in Sandyford by 50 per cent next year.

# financial-services - Thursday 23 June, 2011

60 new jobs at Dublin fund administration company

Butterfield Fulcrum will more than double its Dublin workforce, based on quicker-than-expected growth in its business.

# financial-services - Thursday 28 April, 2011

Almost 2,000 An Post workers will leave by 2015

However, the employees’ union says the reduction in numbers will only be achieved by voluntary leaving.

# financial-services - Monday 18 April, 2011

From Should An Post have a role in banks restructuring plans? Going Postal This post contains a poll

Should An Post have a role in banks restructuring plans?

Postmasters’ union says the post office should become “a channel of choice” for providing banking services in remote areas.

# financial-services - Friday 8 April, 2011

Monex announces creation of 20 new jobs

The financial services firm is creating the new posts at its headquarters in Killarney, Co Kerry.

# financial-services - Tuesday 8 March, 2011

Financial advisor Acorn Life to create 120 new jobs

The company will be recruiting more financial advisors in light of what they say is demand for advice on managing your money.

# financial-services - Monday 14 February, 2011

From Financial services company to create 100 jobs in Galway, Dublin Jobswatch

Financial services company to create 100 jobs in Galway, Dublin

Fidelity Investments is to create 100 software engineering, development and systems analysis positions.

# financial-services - Wednesday 28 July, 2010

ICELAND HAS begun talks with the European Union concerning its possible accession.

Belgium’s foreign minister and President-in-office of the Council, Steven Vanackere, said that it is “confident that Iceland has the capacity, has the determination and the commitment” to become a member of the European Union.

However he added that serious efforts will be required on Iceland’s part before the country will meet accession criteria – particularly in the areas of fisheries, agriculture, rural development, environment, free movement of capital and financial services.

Issues like whale hunting and the collapse of Icelandic bank Icesave are likely to be the most difficult points of negotiations.


Up until relatively recently, Iceland was a rural nation. Industries like agriculture and fisheries are still closely guarded, local enterprises. However, this does mean that food prices are expensive which is one reason for potential domestic support for EU accession.

From Ireland’s point of view, Iceland’s fishing industry is a significant issue. Irish fishermen particularly depend on mackerel fishing as a source of income but their quota is about half that of Iceland’s (which has a population of just 308,910), which Ireland complains is unfair.

Following failed talks on the issue in early 2010, the Irish Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Sean Connick, wrote to the European Commission to complain that Iceland’s fishing habits threaten mackerel stock and encourage the Faroe islands to overfish.

Financial services

The Icelandic bank Icesaver failed in the wake global financial crisis, resulting in many British and Dutch investors losing their deposits. Reykjavik has been found to be legally responsible for the loss by European trade authority and ordered to pay back €3.8bn, which is – unsurprisingly – extremely unpopular with Icelandic voters.

Iceland has been told that it will not be able to enter the EU without resolving the issue.

The Icelandic whaling industry is also a point of contention. Iceland’s application will not be likely to be accepted unless they stop hunting whales.

Domestic opposition

Despite Iceland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Össur Skarphédinsson, stating: “Our home is Europe and Iceland’s EU membership will certainly serve our mutual interests,” Icelandic domestic support for the EU bid is failing.

Public opposition to EU accession has risen to about 60% from about 54 % in November 2009, according to the Financial Times.

# financial-services - Tuesday 27 July, 2010

A REPORT by the Financial Services Ombudsman says the number of complaints received by his office has increased 28% over the past year.

Bill Prasifika, the Ombudsman said 7,619 complaints were made to his office last year. 4,668 complaints were made against insurance companies while 2,951 complaints were made against financial institutions.

Over 200,000 visits were made to the Ombudsman’s office on Lincoln Place and  some 17,000 phone calls were also received.

The Ombudsman said that he estimates that ‘conservatively’ over €60m has been made good to consumers as a result of the office’s work since 2005.

Prasifika noted that because of the economic downturn, some firms are unable to pay awards made by the Ombudsman.

The Office is funded by levies on financial institutions and its running costs came to €5m last year.