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Dublin: 13 °C Friday 22 August, 2014

Technology - Today’s News

Google tests its self-driving cars in a ‘Matrix-style’ virtual simulation

The cars have virtually ‘driven’ more than 6.4 million kilometres inside the simulation, which recreates California’s road system.

Microsoft expected to say ‘good riddance’ to Windows 8

The latest update to Microsoft’s desktop OS, which will bring back it back to its roots, is expected to be unveiled on 30 September.

Multilingual speakers rejoice! Google Search will now understand what languages you’re using

The Android version is now able to automatically detect and understand five languages at once.


That’s a lot of stuff!… This ship has set a world record for most containers ever carried

The Mary Maersk is so big that the Spanish port she left from had to be equipped with new cranes before the shipment could be loaded.


Technology - Yesterday’s News

This is how Netflix would look if it decided to embrace virtual reality

“Woah, it’s like I’m sitting in my own living room.”

Facebook Ireland ordered to respond to privacy lawsuit within four weeks

The company’s international office has to submit a counter-statement to Vienna Regional Court otherwise it will make a judgement in its absense

This dog may have gotten in the way of a Google Street View car…

The images were captured and uploaded onto Google Street View in Chile.

The latest update to Vine may cause you to start using it again

The app will now allow users to upload and edit videos directly, making it easier to put together clips. Here’s what you need to know.


Watch: Find out how a URL works in the space of a minute*

*Well, one minute and 22 seconds.

Technology - Wednesday 20 August, 2014

Is disappearing news the next step for Snapchat?

Snapchat Discovery, which will feature both news content and ads, is expected to debut in November.

Why you should take five minutes out of your time to activate Find my Phone

You will be thankful you activated it if your phone is ever stolen or goes missing.

Technology - Tuesday 19 August, 2014

Google’s driverless cars will be allowed to speed if it’s the safest option

The cars will be able to exceed the speed limit by 16km/h if sticking to it rigidly causes an obstruction.

One of the best Android smartphones this year just got a Windows Phone twin

The HTC One M8 for Windows is being priced at $99 (€74) in the US and online sales will begin today.

Annoyed that Facebook forced you to download Messenger? Turns out it was very effective

More than 500 million Android users have downloaded the app, despite criticism it faced over app permissions.

Children are the future, and they could also be Google’s next target market

The search engine giant is said to be working on a system that will allow parents to set up accounts for their kids, and control what services they use.

Turns out people are downloading fewer smartphone apps than before

Almost a third of smartphone users do not download any apps for their devices, as the age of new users increases.

Technology - Monday 18 August, 2014

Few are happy with Twitter’s latest experiment with favourites

An experiment that turns favourites of people you follow into retweets has annoyed many of its users.

Think Airplane Mode is only useful when you’re on a flight? Think again

There are a number of ways you can use the feature while your feet are on the ground.

Technology - Sunday 17 August, 2014

Thinking of doing your grocery shopping online? Here’s how to get started

While there are benefits to shopping online, you shouldn’t jump in head first.

How to make sure your Facebook security settings are in top shape

Most of your information could be publicly available and you might not even realise it.

Technology - Saturday 16 August, 2014

Here are the warning signs that will tell you an email is a phishing scam

Scams are getting smarter, but if you keep an eye out for details, you can spot the warning signs.

5 apps worth downloading this week

Featuring a way to remember notes from the day before, a neon-visual shoot ‘em up and a way to help other people

Technology - Friday 15 August, 2014

A lot of companies are going out of their way to copy Snapchat

They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

These Windows Phone features will prevent anyone from looking through your phone

Anyone who find themselves lending their phone to their kids or friends regularly will need these

YouTube cleans up its big screen app ahead of Android TV launch

The redesigned TV app follows a similar design to its iOS and Android counterparts, prioritising playlists and subscriptions for viewers.

From Are you over 50? Using the internet could help you fight off dementia Surfs Up

Technology - Thursday 14 August, 2014

Here’s how you can turn your smartphone into a remote control

For those times you want to be able to control your Spotify playlist without touching your computer.

From Opinion: ‘Virtual rape’ in video game takes gaming violence to a whole new level Not Fun And Games

Opinion: ‘Virtual rape’ in video game takes gaming violence to a whole new level

Some Grand Theft Auto players have started to act out “virtual rape” on avatars controlled by other people by modifying the game’s code.

Technology - Wednesday 13 August, 2014

This tattoo can turn your sweat into electricity

Although don’t expect it to be powering your devices any time soon.

Here’s how you can give your Android device an extra layer of security

Although there are a few important caveats to keep in mind before you do.

The smaller, reversible USB that will replace all connectors is ready for production

The design for the next-gen USB has been completed, and it plans to solve the problems associated with current connectors.

What to keep in mind when using your phone as a WiFi connection

It has its advantages, but it also comes with its own risks.

Samsung ditches the plastic design for a metal Galaxy phone

The Galaxy Alpha has a similar design to the Galaxy S5 and is one of the thinnest smartphones it has created.

Sony teases ‘virtual couch’ as PS4 passes 10 million console sales

Also, Microsoft announced a number of console bundles for the end of the year including a 1TB Xbox One.

Technology - Tuesday 12 August, 2014

A superfast internet cable is going to be built under the Pacific Ocean

The cable, which will deliver speeds of up to 60Tb/s and is being backed by six companies including Google, will be ready around mid-2016.

The chances of you following a bot account on Twitter is higher than you think

Although most of them do serve a purpose.

Technology - Monday 11 August, 2014

This project transforms shaky first-person videos into smooth timelapses

The team at Microsoft Research has developed a way of eliminating shaky footage in videos and make it smooth.

Lol. Wtf. Win? BuzzFeed lands a $50 million investment – putting its worth at $850 million

The valuation dwarfs recent investments in major newspapers.

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