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# apple - Today’s News


# apple - Saturday 7 June, 2014

Apple’s 2% tax in Ireland claim could lead to a formal EU investigation

Such a probe would be ‘worrying’ according to Fianna Fáil.

# apple - Tuesday 3 June, 2014

From The 5 at 5: Tuesday 5 At 5

The 5 at 5: Tuesday

5 minutes, 5 stories, 5 o’clock…

Apple’s policy update could pave the way for bitcoin payments

Apps can now accept payments from “approved virtual currencies” although Apple hasn’t said which ones qualify.

From The Daily Edge Apple for dopes: 11 things to know about the new iPhone announcements Wwdc For Dopes

Apple for dopes: 11 things to know about the new iPhone announcements

Feeling like a bit of an Apple dummy? We’re here to help

What we learnt from Apple’s keynote announcement

It was a packed keynote for one of the biggest companies in the world, but what did we learn from it?

# apple - Monday 2 June, 2014

Apple takes on Dropbox and WhatsApp with iOS 8 and Mac OS updates

Among the many features announced by Apple, it revealed a new health monitoring service, a smart home operating system, a new cloud service, and opening up Touch ID to third-party developers.

# apple - Thursday 29 May, 2014

From The Daily Edge Is it ever OK to wear Beats by Dre in public? Beats This post contains a poll

Is it ever OK to wear Beats by Dre in public?

Break down the Beats.

# apple - Monday 26 May, 2014

Apple expected to reveal smart home features for iPhone

The move, which it’s expected to reveal at its developer conference next week, will mark Apple’s entry into the growing ‘internet of things’ market.

Apple isn’t happy with how much damages Samsung has to pay, so it’s asking for a retrial

And it’s also looking for a US product ban on any Samsung device that would infringe its patents.

# apple - Thursday 22 May, 2014

From The Daily Edge 10 people that are even lazier than you are Easy Way Out

10 people that are even lazier than you are

After seeing this, you will never chastise yourself for laziness again.

# apple - Wednesday 21 May, 2014

Google knocks Apple off the top spot to become the world’s most valuable brand

The company is worth €116 billion, having increased in value by 40 per cent over the year.

# apple - Monday 19 May, 2014

Apple’s original multi-coloured logo boards will be up for auction

And the bidding starts at $10,000 for those interested.

Samsung considers expanding biometric security measures in future devices

Iris detection is one of the methods Samsung is currently exploring as it looks to improve its security offering.

# apple - Saturday 10 May, 2014

From Eurovision, RTÉ Guide and Dr Dre: The week in numbers Prime Numbers

Eurovision, RTÉ Guide and Dr Dre: The week in numbers

Plus: Who was on the top-selling edition of the RTE Guide this year?

# apple - Friday 9 May, 2014

Apple in talks to buy headphone maker Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion

Apple could announce the deal as early as next week, which would make it the largest purchase in the company’s 38-year history.

# apple - Thursday 8 May, 2014

Samsung replaces its head of mobile design amid Galaxy S5 criticism

Chang Dong-hoon will continue to lead Samsung’s design centre which is responsible for the company’s overall design strategy.

# apple - Tuesday 6 May, 2014

From The Daily Edge Man fights in US court for the right to marry his laptop Digital Love

Man fights in US court for the right to marry his laptop

The man claims love is love, even between human and computer.

# apple - Saturday 3 May, 2014

Samsung to pay Apple $119.6 million for ‘willfully stealing and copying’

But that’s not a big win for the makers of the iPhone.

# apple - Thursday 24 April, 2014

Apple faces ebook trial in July after US judge denies bid to postpone it

Apple will now face a trial in July after it was accused of conspiring with publishers to raise ebook prices and impede competitors like Amazon.

# apple - Wednesday 23 April, 2014

Dizzying figures alert!: In 2014 Apple have sold 43.7 million iPhones and made $10.2bn profit

CEO Tim Cook also hinted that new products are on the way.

# apple - Tuesday 22 April, 2014

Apple will now recycle your old iPods and iPhones for free

The scheme has been launched to coincide with Earth Day – which is today.

# apple - Thursday 17 April, 2014

Apple said to integrate Shazam’s song-recognition software into iOS update

The company is partnering with Shazam, whose music-recognition software will be built into Apple’s upcoming mobile software update iOS 8.

# apple - Thursday 10 April, 2014

# apple - Wednesday 2 April, 2014

Samsung and Apple kick off patent case by dragging Google into the middle of it

Samsung fired back at Apple’s accusations of patent theft by saying it was Google that wrote the Android software used on its phones and tablets.

# apple - Monday 31 March, 2014

Apple and Samsung return to court again as patent dispute heats up

Apple has accused Samsung of infringing on five patents on newer patents, while Samsung made a counterclaim, saying Apple stole two of its ideas to use on iPhones and iPads.

# apple - Friday 28 March, 2014

The iPhone 6 is coming in September

That’s what the Japanese are saying anyway.

# apple - Tuesday 11 March, 2014

From Tánaiste admits ‘on-the-runs’ controversy has ‘derailed’ progress in the North Northern Ireland

Tánaiste admits ‘on-the-runs’ controversy has ‘derailed’ progress in the North

Eamon Gilmore told the Dáil that talks on the contentious issues of flags, parades and the past were “derailed” after the release of John Downey.

Now Google faces a lawsuit by US parents over in-app purchases

The lawsuit was filed by a mother whose five-year old son spent more than $65 on in-app purchases without his parents’ permission

# apple - Friday 7 March, 2014

Coveney ‘not surprised’ by claims of Apple’s $850m Irish tax avoidance

Meanwhile, the Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said that the Finance Minister is dealing with the issue of “statelessness”.

From The 9 at 9: Friday 9 At 9

The 9 at 9: Friday

Good morning. Here are the nine stories you need to know today as we head towards the weekend.

# apple - Monday 3 March, 2014

Apple takes Siri for a spin by launching hands-free software for drivers

CarPlay is built primarily around Siri voice commands and the first cars supporting the service will come from Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, and Mercedes-Benz.

# apple - Friday 28 February, 2014

German court throws out €1.57 billion lawsuit against Apple

IPCom claimed that Apple had violated a patent which allowed priority access to certain mobile phone calls in case of an emergency, even if the network is busy.

# apple - Monday 24 February, 2014

This huge security flaw affects (nearly) all iPhones, iPads, and Apple computers

The flaw affects how secure data is sent over the internet.

# apple - Friday 21 February, 2014

Amazon preparing to launch its own TV box service for March

It’s rumoured that the company will roll out the Android-powered device in March.

# apple - Sunday 16 February, 2014

Damien Kiberd: Why neither Ireland nor USA wants to question tax haven

Official Ireland does not like inconvenient truths – which is why Trinity professor Jim Stewart’s spot-on research makes it defensive.

# apple - Thursday 13 February, 2014

From The Daily Edge Ireland is going mad for some unique Flappy Bird merchandise Flappy Days

# apple - Monday 10 February, 2014

Google becomes number two in market value

Apple is in the top spot.

# apple - Friday 7 February, 2014

Apple buys back $14 billion of its own shares in two weeks

The company has bought back more than $40 billion of its shares over the past twelve months and expects to buy back an additional $20 billion.

# apple - Monday 3 February, 2014

Watch: This Apple short was shot using only iPhones

The video celebrates the Mac’s 30th anniversary and all footage was shot in the one day.

# apple - Friday 31 January, 2014

Taoiseach dismisses claims he makes specific deals with multinational companies

The Apple CEO, Tim Cook, was in Cork today addressing staff at its Hollyhill plant this morning before meeting Kenny.